We would like to start with a question: do you know what a real cider is like? Fresh and natural cider?

We are not talking about that sweet, carbonized apple drink that calls itself cider, but a cider that is authentic, alive, refreshing, and produced only from apples grown here in Latvia.

Ezera Brut was created in 2018 in cooperation with an experienced cider master. We use hand-harvested apples from orchards in Kurzeme, Western Latvia. They are gently squeezed and fermented at a low temperature to preserve the freshness  and elegant  flavours, so characteristic of the Northern climate. This cider can be appreciated as a sparkling aperatif, but also goes well with a variety of dishes: roasted chicken with herbs, grilled fish, cheese and salads. It can also make a delicate companion for desserts and fruit. The delicate bouquet and refined flavour will satisfy even the most sophisticated gourmets.

Treat yourself, your friends and beloved ones to a sparkling celebration! 


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